How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in the US? (2023)

There comes the point in time when we all want to buy a house. And the people who don’t want to would rather have one built. If you’ve stumbled upon this post to find how much it cost to build a house, you’re the second kind in all probability. For your delight, we have got you covered! Here, we will give you a step-by-step process to build a house and all you need to know.

According to the latest data from the National Association of Realtors, you will need a minimum of $300,000 for building. It might be cheaper in the process, but much of that depends on location, material, area, etc.

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How much does it cost to build a house yourself?

The most crucial aspect when it comes to building your home is figuring out the region. According to US Census Bureau Survey of the Median Price per Square Foot rate for single-family houses was $161.53 in 2017 – the area suited for this rate was the Northeast. For the West region, it was $139.498, and for the South, it was $100.1, and lastly, $106.79 for Midwest. The rates fluctuate due to the coronavirus right now and are lesser than before the pandemic. The rates clearly show that the Northeast is the most expensive.

Building a home comes with a set of rules that differ from one city to another. It can also vary depending on the state or county. As Evolve NV warns, you have to check the rules and regulations for lands before you plan to buy the land.

The cost to build a house will differ if you choose rural areas. But you need to install a septic system or a sewer hookup for such houses. It would help if you also had propane to heat and check how much concrete you need to reach the street.

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A high-end system that will increase the cost of building a house includes having electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Combined, you will need around $34,000 for these. Moreover, HVAC for a 2000-sq-ft home can charge you anywhere between $3500 to $12,500 or more. Electrical and plumbing work will need about $10,000, depending on the house and bathroom size.

Breaking down the cost to build a house

The following points will help you determine how to calculate cost of building a home:

Floor plans

The foremost aspect of building a home is choosing the floor plan. Look for similar projects completed by a contractor or an architect. Look for such samples online and get an idea about how to plan your dream home.

Once you know the breadth of the floor plans chosen by a builder, you can determine the style, size, features, and qualities. It would help if you were open to ideas to make the perfect baseline for this personal project.

Once done with this step, you need to look for your home’s perfect builder. The builder must be someone who periodically constructs new houses which have comparable sizes, qualities, and style.

When you get the perfect builder, you need to make sure that the work is being executed as promised. The budget and timeline are two essential aspects to keep in mind. The builder must be able to give you a reasonable cost and also deliver the project within time. These will help you plan the construction cost as well. If a builder tries to delay the work, they may extract more money than what you should pay them.

Custom plans can affect cost

When you build a custom house, you need to be more active in the process. A builder might not be enough to handle the job. Thus, you might need an expert architect that helps you plan the home better. You need to go through a lot of decision-making and determine your priorities in terms of style, products, materials, etc.

You have to be well-versed with the size, floor plan, and design of the place. In this case, you might have to start from scratch. Note that each of your decision in this aspect can determine the price you pay. It is smart to hire a designer or an architect who understands the associated cost to build a house. Only then can they give you the correct suggestions that fit your budget.

Pre-designed houses can save money

If there is a pre-designed home or a project already in the making, you might save some money. In such a case, many selections and decisions will already have been made. You can assume some specifications when planning the design and put the price of such a house. It will allow you to range the specifications in terms of importance and let you spend money on the aspects accordingly. These specifications can be floor, appliances, lighting, exterior sidings. It can also be specifications to choose the color, tiles, granite, kitchen fixture, and more.

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Choosing the perfect builder

Choose a builder who has considerable experience in building houses. He should be able to give you samples of sizes, styles, features, and quality. To look for the perfect builder, you need to check his profile and the work he has done. You need to take ideas from his vision and see how much they click with what you want.

A builder should be able to do his work on time and give you a complete idea about the costs. It would help if you asked the builder about the value of each and everything in advance so that there are no secrets later.

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A rough idea about the cost to build a house

The cost to build a house will never be accurate. However, it has to be approximate. You cannot have a budget of $500,000 and end up making a place worth $700,000. You can extend or lower your budget by a few thousand dollars. But making an increase of a hundred thousand is obnoxious.

Getting the real figure on how much does it cost to build a house per sqft is difficult. But you will get the ballpark idea. For this, take the project’s complete budget given by the builder and then divide by the number of square feet in the project.

Let’s say your new house will be 2000sqft, and the builder estimates that it will take $300,000 to design. Your price per sqft will be 350,000 by 2000, which is $175.

Now let’s take the example of homes valued at Rockingham County. Here, a median home will cost you $375,424 with a 4.3% increase, and the median list price per sqft is $224. Currently, the median cost of the homes is $424,900 here. On the other hand, prices at which homes are sold are $367,900.

You need to understand the prices given don’t distinguish between new homes or buying an existing home. New constructions are always likely to be more expensive, but be more power-efficient and customizable.

You can compare and analyze new constructions with the kind of home you want to build. Better to look for the ones that have the same size, style, features, and quality. Now consider the cost of a home and subtract the amount from the land it is on. Divide the result with the number of square feet in the home you want to build.

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Quick facts

By following this method, you can determine if the estimates for the home is reasonable and competitive or not. The average sqft of houses built in the Northeast Region has increased by 76% in the past 46 years. The average household size has decreased by 23% from 3.4 people during the 80s to 2.62 people during 2018.

Choose your style and features considering budget

The cost of your project will not be determined only by size. The quality, style, and features of the home are other aspects to consider. Here are some of the points to consider:


Here, by style, we mean the architectural design of the home. Note that houses that are square and rectangular cost lower per sqft. It is the same for two-story vs. one-story homes with the same footprint.

One-story homes will need the same foundation and roof, and without additional sqft to support underlying costs. Moreover, homes boast of a deep design (say more than 32 feet) will need a roof with designed trusses. Moreover, the more corners and angles you have, the more material and labor cost you will incur.


The material you buy for the building are the quality choices you make. These can be divided into several selections that you will have to choose from. For example, paint, flooring, insulation, cabinetry, appliances, built-ins, windows, and doors are such options.

The better the quality options for each feature, the more your new house’s costs will increase. It is best to speak to your builder about such possibilities and choices before you make a decision.

Special features

By features, we need the design considerations you need to do. For example, say you want vaulted ceilings, curved staircases, roof pitches, and more. Adding all these can increase the cost of your new house and increase the estimated square foot costs.

Additional constructions costs

While estimating the costs of building a new house, don’t forget to add in expenses that you might miss out on. These include charges like:

Site Preparation

When you need to clear lots of trees, remove big rocks, haul in the dirt, and automatically hike your expenses.

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Permit fees

It would help if you acquired zoning laws, restrictions mean permit and local building code. These are essential for electricity, occupancy, sewers, and more. Depending on where you build your house, these costs will vary.

Time can change costs drastically

The world is going through a major depression right now, and the economy is at all-time low. Since real estate prices are comparatively dropping, people will want to invest more in things that will appreciate in the future. Thus, even if the land prices are lower, labor costs will be more due to demand. This is an example of how time can significantly impact the cost of building a house.

You might get more labor available during winters, but the cost to warm up the area during that time will be an additional expense. These are examples of how time makes a massive impact on real estate.

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How to avoid price overruns?

The entire idea to figure out how much it cost to build a house is required in advance to cut costs. To avoid cost overruns, you need to be proactive. You will see that the total amount you spend to build a home will be different from the bid price. Many factors contribute to that, and you can work towards avoiding such an outcome.

Some people get carried away and indulge in expensive features that are beyond their budget. It would help if you were on par with every step of the process to ensure the end price doesn’t go bizarre. Every time you shift from the initial plan of how you thought your house would look like, it will leave an impact on your budget.

When you choose something outside the contract or “change order, ” you merely up your charges. The first thing you need to do is chalk out how you want the house to be and then work on it exactly. Minor changes are acceptable, but going ahead without a proper plan will only incur more costs.

You might also end up seeing results you weren’t expecting as you didn’t plan. To not have regrets and not spend more than you should, have everything planned out.

Final thoughts

Now that you have a basic structure of how much a house will cost you, you can start finding ways to acquire what you need. Select a plot that favors you in terms of your convenience and get a builder who makes your dream house ready within a given time.

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Is it cheaper to build or buy a house USA? ›

Is it cheaper to build or buy a house? As a rule of thumb, it's cheaper to buy a house than to build one. Building a new home costs $34,000 more, on average, than purchasing an existing home. The median cost of new construction was $449,000 in May 2022.

How much does it cost to make a house in the US? ›

How much does it cost to build a brand-new house? The average cost to build a single-family, 2,600-square-foot home in 2019 was $296,652, according to a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey.

How much does it cost to build a modern house in USA? ›

Square footage impacts cost

In February 2022, new home construction usually cost between $100 and $200 per square foot, with luxury and custom options costing $500 or more per square foot. The average new-construction home size is between 2,000 – 2,500 square feet and the total average construction cost is $283,900.

How much does it cost to build a mansion in America? ›

And to build a minimum level of the mansion, you will need around $125 to $175 for each square feet(Sft).
House size & type.
Number of BedroomsCosts on average
One$90,000 -$200,000
Two bedrooms$140,000-$350,000
Three bedrooms$180,000-$420,000
1 more row
26 Apr 2022

Should I build a house now or wait until 2022? ›

Our outlook continues to be that if you are ready and able to build then now is the best time to do it. It is anticipated that interest rates will be on a rising trend throughout 2022 and costs will continue to increase, although the cost increases will be at a more normalized rate.

Is it better to buy land or house? ›

Buy the land.

On one hand, buying land first and building later provides more time to save funds for your home's construction though if you are currently renting a home it can be a financial squeeze to juggle rent payments while also managing the repayments on a land loan.


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