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Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (1)

Explore our selection of limited-edition fine art photography. Our portfolio includes a wide ranging selection of photo art genres, from traditional landscapes to abstract figurative photography. Discover a fine art photograph perfectly suited for your home or office!

Fine Art Photography

Introduction to fine art photography
The history of photography as a fine art
Exploring LUMAS fine art photography
Producing LUMAS Photographs
Decorating your home with fine art photographs

An Introduction to fine art photography

A moment in time

Photography is one of the pillars of modern art. Photography allows us view the world of art from a different perspective, not as something still and unmoving, but as something which is not currently moving. Stillness, in the hands of the photographer, is a prism and not the subject matter itself. There is a thin line between photography in its ordinary form and fine art photography as a genre in art. This begs the question - what is meant by fine art photography? Fine art photography is a result of the deliberate use of photography as an artistic channel, through which an artist can express their creativity. This is entirely different from merely pressing the shutter on a camera, as it represents the subjective perspective of an artist rather than the surface meaning of the object in focus.

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (2)

Archive (green/pink) Penelope Davis

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (3)

Long Way Home 1 Stefanie Schneider

$ 4,990

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (4)

lost identity of value III Sun Young Byun

from $ 699  to $ 1,499

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (5)

lost identity of value Sun Young Byun

from $ 699  to $ 1,499

The history of photography as a fine art

From its inception in the 19th century, photography has led a double life. Photography is both a tool for the documentation of current events and everyday life, as well as an artistic medium in its own right. Early photographic portraiture of notable figures, petty officials and their families was self-consciously styled on older motifs ins painting, sculpture, and drawings. The intention behind these photographic portraits was to create dignified (or dignifying) portraits which echoed the techniques and atmosphere of Renaissance-era figurative portrait art.

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (6)

United Planet Earth I Studio Morbach

from $ 649  to $ 2,490

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (7)

Just Breathe Cindy Press

from $ 599  to $ 1,399

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (8)

100 Proud Workers II K-narf

from $ 3,590  to $ 6,290

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From the early 20th century onwards, photography began to develop into an avant-garde art form, including playing a huge role in the emerging technique of collage art, which combined photographs with drawings, objects, and painting. Photography became an established medium in contemporary art. It was also massively influential in another sense.

Together with the rise of lithography and other types of art prints, fine art photography prints contributed to a new climate of cultural production, in which reproduction was the watchword. The implications of this new paradigm - famously identified by the philosopher Walter Benjamin, who called attention to the decline of uniqueness as the flagship indicator of an artwork's value and meaning - reverberated throughout the arts.

In the United States, the photographer and publicist Alfred Stieglitz capitalized on the young medium. His haunting portrait series of Georgia O'Keeffe, which drew attention to her hands, is today one of the most recognizable landmarks in the history of photography as a fine art. Along with other photographic artists like Ansel Adams and Edward Steichen, Stieglitz brought photography into its own as a fine art genre.

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (9)

Clichy Hotel Pamela Hanson | Trunk Archive

from $ 1,049  to $ 1,699

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (10)

Hattie Carnegie wearing a Vionnet Dress, 1933 Man Ray

$ 479

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (11)

Piazza San Marco Helmut Schlaiß

from $ 1,299  to $ 1,999

Throughout the 20th century the use of photography as an artistic medium became ever more prevalent. In the hands of avant-gardists, surrealists, expressionists, and others, photography became integral to fine art. Photography's ability to capture the flux of reality at a standstill inspired abstract art, and in particular abstract photography. Conceptual art shares abstract art’s suspicion of reality but outdoes it in its skepticism towards the practice of art itself. Conceptual photography is one of fine art's most productive and storied tributaries. For the conceptual photographer, a photograph is an artistic statement. The `work of art´ status of the photograph is always dependent on the interpretation of the artist.

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (12)

From Earth to the Universe Babak Tafreshi

from $ 1,099  to $ 2,690

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (13)

Jaune Beatrice Hug

$ 3,590

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (14)

Gran Columna T.E. José Manuel Ballester

$ 2,690

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (15)

Park Christian Schmidt

from $ 799  to $ 3,090

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (16)

The Window to the Huangshan Tatiana Gorilovsky

from $ 999  to $ 1,999

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (17)

Prada Marfa 8:48PM Adam Mørk

from $ 449  to $ 1,499

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Exploring LUMAS Fine art photography

The LUMAS collection is large and encompasses numerous themes and genres, from fine art portraits to nudes. Our collection of fashion photography is distinguished by its focus on electrifying runway scenes and a unique selection vintage and black and white fashion pieces. Our landscapes, taken by some of the world's most impressive landscape photographers, challenge the conventions of the genre while also doing what landscapes are traditionally relied upon to do: envelop us in new and tranquil worlds. Explore our limited edition photography for sale.

Our collection includes the works of some of the world’s most renowned photo artists. Our Classics collection features some of the most storied names in the history of photography, while our line-up of contemporary artists includes some of the world's most celebrated and sought-after photo artists and print makers, including Patrick J. Adams, Damien Hirst, Miki Takahashi and more.

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (18)

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (19)

Allison, Lotte, Miranda, Maia and Vanessa; Montalivet, France, 2001 Jock Sturges | Trunk Archive

from $ 1,099  to $ 1,999

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (20)

Bolschoi-Theater, Moskau 1976 Robert Lebeck

from $ 749  to $ 1,499

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Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (21)

Chromo Thriller #2 Miles Aldridge

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (22)

Fright Wig (Red) Gavin Turk

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (23)

„K“ You are observed Gottfried Salzmann

from $ 749  to $ 2,290

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (24)

Palazzo Della Civiltà Gabriele Croppi

from $ 1,599  to $ 4,990

Producing LUMAS Photographs

Our thought-provoking photographs are produced as limited-edition prints, using a combination of traditional and cutting-edge photo development techniques. They are then mounted onto aluminum Dibond, a high-end aluminum composite specifically designed for artworks. Our curators work with artists to determine the best framing and mounting options. Pieces are generally available frameless or in a precision-made, hand-finished frame, mounted under museum-grade glass. Want to know more about our production methods, portfolio of artists, and buying options? Read more about the LUMAS concept.

Our portfolio encompasses a wide array of fine art photography – from vintage to modernist and contemporary. The specific subject matter of our photography prints encompasses everything from traditional photographic themes like landscapes, fine art nude photography, black and white portraits to the conventional subject matter and artistic techniques of art prints in general, including paintings, drawings, and digital creations.

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (25)

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (26)

Vanitas I Annet van der Voort

from $ 599  to $ 1,699

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (27)

Pink Palace Massimo Colonna

from $ 1,099  to $ 3,590

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (28)

Life goes on II Ysabel Lemay

from $ 899  to $ 6,990

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Decorating Your Home with Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (29)

Looking to create a unique accent on the walls of your home or office? Here are a few straighforward tips from our curators.

  • Black and white photography is one of the most adaptable themes, well-suited to moderate, complement, or add a touch of sophistication to any room.
  • Landscape photography creates a dramatic effect in small spaces, as it pries open the horizon to larger and more expansive vistas.
  • Works by an emerging artist will be reminiscent of more established trends and themes, while also presenting you with a unique and individual decor choice.
  • Mixed-media artworks make for a stunning choice. Choose photographs which dovetail with paintings or drawings on the level of technique.
  • A portrait of a celebrity, an interesting person, an animal, or a natural landscape is an instant way to infuse your space with some personality.

Still looking for ideas on decorating your home with fine art photography? Set up an art consultation online or in one of our galleries.

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (30)

Bora Bora II, 1967 Robert Lebeck

$ 2,390

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (31)

New York + London #61 Daniella Zalcman

from $ 599  to $ 1,099

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (32)

Dahlia Heiko Hellwig

$ 1,999

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (33)

Buzz Hajime Yoshida

$ 649

Fine Art Photography for Sale | LUMAS (34)

Late Night Stranger, Timeless Machine Irene Kung

from $ 1,149  to $ 1,999

The LUMAS Concept

Based in Berlin, we are in the beating heart of Europe's trendiest and most advanced art scene, one which thrives on a dynamic mutual interplay with the art markets of North America. LUMAS is known as an exciting and trusted voice in the art world, with a sharp eye for evaluating trends and estimating future value.

The LUMAS concept is unique in the art world. Our artworks are limited-edition fine art prints by famous and emerging artists who work in a variety of media including photography, drawings, sculpture, digital editing, and painting. Our portfolio management experts find our artists through exhibitions, fine art academies and word-of-mouth. We are deeply committed to the liberation of art, which we pursue by making our high-quality products and scrupulously curated collection available for more affordable prices. This allows more people to take part in collecting and furnishing their homes with art by wonderful artists, without compromising on quality or collectability.

The collectability of our artworks inheres in the reputations of the artists and the subject matter of the individual works, as well as in the LUMAS brand. Our photography prints are produced as Limited Editions, in print runs of around 75 to 150 individual prints. Once these are sold, the print run is finished. Therein lies the LUMAS mission: inspiring you to turn your home or office into art galleries, while balancing the exclusivity and collectability of our artworks with availability and affordability.

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Explore Art In All Its Dimensions


Do people buy fine art photography? ›

People love to buy fine art photographs for personal, aesthetic, or decorative reasons, hanging prints on the walls of their homes or offices, or simply displaying them in books or some other printed form, which is great for the fine art photographer.

Can you make money with fine art photography? ›

You can Sell Fine Art Photography Online. If you make fine art photos, it's time to share them with the world! Here's how one photographer sells his fine art prints online—without paying commissions!

How do I sell my fine art photo prints? ›

You can also go to art galleries and ask them if they can accept your photos as exhibits. You can offer your prints to local businesses that can use your business cards with fine art images for further promotion. A local restaurant or retail outlet may want to have your photos on their walls.

Are fine art prints a good investment? ›

Prints are often seen as mass-produced copies of famous artworks that are just not that valuable or worth investing in. But nothing can be further from the truth. Prints can be just as valuable as any other artwork and certain prints are known to reach seven or eight-figure prices at auctions.

What is the most profitable photography? ›

Commercial photography is one of the highest paying photography jobs. Specialists can expect to earn around $100,000 per year (salary + license fees for the right to use their photos).

How do I sell my photos to art galleries? ›

Person. The best way to get your photos featured in a gallery is to go into it in person and show them your work. Don't get carried away with printing and framing yet. Just bring in a CD, or a link to your website, and get them to have a look at it.


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